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Four Legged Friends Club!

All leashed four legged friends are welcome at The Book Man!  Our paw-parazzi will photograph your pooch (or kitty cat, or ferret, cockatiel, etc.) for our website and give you a questionaire about your friend.   Bonus?  You get 10% off your purchase on the day that we add your canine buddy to our website!  That's YOUR treat for convincing your dog to stay still; we've got duck treats for them to sweeten the deal!  Scroll down to enjoy some shots of our four legged vistors over the past couple of years!

Birthday: February 2011
Breed: Bull Mastiff

Loves to meet people and go for walks.


Birthday: September 30th, 2008 

Breed: Red Heeler 

Chili loves adventures and working for his frisbee. He loves to give kisses as well!  



Birthday – January 25th, 2013 

White Shepherd/Wolf 

He loves long walks by the river, treats, his dad and mom, two brothers, and chasing rodents. He may take awhile to warm up to someone, but once he does he’ll love them forever! 



She is a rescue dog and a blessing to our family. 

Birthday – July 28th, 2008
Boston Terrier

Kallie is a soccer playing Boston who loves her family. Her family and friends think she is the best dog ever!

Birthday – June 2013 
Pitbull cross 
Birthday – May 2011 

Athena is energetic and loving; she can never pass up a treat! 
Lucy is gentle and timid; she is very good with children.  She has a heart of gold!  

Birthday – 2006 
Spaniel Mix 

Bacon is an Olympic swimmer...or at least he thinks he is! Bacon takes everything he does in life very seriously. His favorite treats are red bell peppers or carrots!  

Birthday – September 26th, 2008
Pomeranian/Shih Tzu cross

Lexi is a wonderful little dog, and she is extremely smart.
She is five pounds of energy, and is very loving and affectionate.

Birthday – December 18th, 2004 
Bichon/Shih tzu cross 

Casey loves books! He’s pretty adorable and is a very sweet boy. 

Birthday – 2009 
Cocker spaniel/Lab/Golden Retriever cross 

Roxy is a very loving and kind dog. She loves women and kids, she is very timid. 

Birthday – 2009

Seymour is the cutest pug ever!

Birthday – July 22nd, 2010
Chihuahua cross

Twitch likes to drag around his favorite stuffed bunny, he also stalks the cat at home!
Twitch is a huge fan of taco chips.

Birthday – April 15th, 2007
Golden Retriever

Dudley loves to lounge and relax. He doesn’t like to exert himself

Birthday – June 2013
Shih tzu

Born in Langley, Toto loves cuddling and is a social butterfly!

Louise Mae Bittle
Birthday November 11th, 2010
Boston Terrier

Louise, aka Lou-Lou Mae is named after the Audrey Hepburn character in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Be careful what you say around her, her satellite ears will pick up any mention of a cookie!

Birthday – January 2013
Lab/Shepherd cross

Duke is awesome! He is friendly with everyone, especially kids. He is not fond of cats but is working on it.

Birthday – May 1st, 2009

She’s a princess with an attitude. Tamisha is very smart and makes her owners happy every day

Birthday – February 2000
West Highland Terrier

Dora is affectionate and social, she loves walks by the river. She loves to takes naps with her human parents and be snuggled.

Birthday – February 10th, 2013 
Pug/Terrier Cross 

This little cutie was actually spotted outside of The Book Man but we were so enamored that we persuaded her owner to bring her in so we could take a picture…and maybe pet her a bit more!  

Birthday – July 13th, 2005 
Shih tzu 

Diesel loves car rides and ALL food!  

Birthday – February 15th, 2013 
Scottish Terrier 

I am sorry I peed on your floor. Please have me back!  

Birthday – August 2010 

The picture does not do this cutie justice! Winnie is a very loving dog who likes to lick your nose. She enjoys cuddling on your lap and falling asleep there.  

Birthday – 2004 
Black Lab 

Moose loves to be outdoors running for his ball but is equally at home on the couch. He especially loves watching TV. His favorite times of times are breakfast and dinner.  

Birthday – May, 2012 
Jack Russell 

Seamus came to his new family from Hedley, B.C. He is a pretty awesome dog, good natured and loving!  

Birthday – 2010 
Cairn Terrier 

Lucy is a member of the Canine Borg. Her motto is, “Resistance is futile, you will adore me!” 


Birthday – 10 years old 
Golden Retriever/Dalmation/Bourzoi 
Charlie is a very patient dog who loves long walks and pizza! He once travelled to Saskatchewan to visit his Grandma.  

Chi Chi
Birthday – almost 4 years old 

Chi Chi is a valley girl from California. She was born in a shelter.  

Birthday – April 17th, 2011 
Corgi Mix 

His favorite things in the world are food and squeaky toys! 

Birthday – November 13th, 2006 
Maltese/Shih tzu cross 

Zoey is a very friendly, small, white dog. She loves cats and likes to go rock hounding 

Birthday – May 4th, 2012 
Roosevelt Terrier 

RustE loves the beach, running, his brother TedE and edamame beans!


Birthday – August 25th, 2011 
Australian Heeler Mix 

Stella loves to train. She enjoys obedience class and play dates with her friend Grievous (seen below as a puppy) Stella’s favourite type of books are books she can eat!  

Birthday – 1999 
Spring border 

Sammy is an inveterate escape artist and lover of any and all garbage!  


Birthday – 1999 
Spring Border 

Sammy came from the pound in Calgary. It was love at first sight! 

Birthday – February 27th, 2012 
West Highland Terrier 

Hailing from New York, Sprocket enjoys being chased by the many women in his life. He has a particular fondness for rubber chickens (A nod to his Muppet name origins) 

Birthday – August 29th, 2009 

Tundra loves people, camping, fishing and everything outdoors. 

Rescue Dog 
Chihuahua Cross 

Winnie is a happy, active dog who enjoys chasing cats. She also likes sitting on laps all the TIME! 

Birthday – June 5th, 2012 
Golden Retriever 

Karma is an energetic puppy that will do anything for treats; play dead, high five, high ten, roll over, etc. She enjoys running with Connor and playing with Kara. Karma knows that Monster (the cat) is the Boss of the house.  


Birthday – July 21st, 2001 
Bichon Frise 

Petie is from Kamloops and is a pure bred bichon. He can do a variety of tricks including playing dead.  

Birthday – November 5th 2005 
Jack Russell Chihuahua cross 

A 7 year old grump who is a definite ladies man! Macho loves eating carrots and sleeping on hot water bottles.  


Birthday – April 1st, 2010 

Sophie loves kids and food, maybe not in that order!  

Birthday – November 20th 2011 

Cody loves to chase the ball and always wants to go for walks. He is friendlier with cats than with people 

Tool Kit
Birthday – 1999 
Dachshund cross 

Tool Kit was a rescue who has been with his family for five years now. He is a very spoiled, happy dog!

Birthday – October 18th 2011 

Hunter loves to play with people once he gets to know them. He is shy with strangers but if you have a treat he will warm up to you.  

Birthday – September 30th 2012 

Marty just arrived with his new family; he hasn’t revealed his inner self yet. He is a bit more cautious than his rowdy half brother Perry!  

Seabloom Hocus Pocus (HP) 
Birthday - 2006 
Registered Miniature Horse 

HP is 34” at the shoulders, he drives a miniature cart and last year he was in the Christmas Parade! HP is a left brained dominant extrovert.  

Birthday – October 15th 2007 
Golden Retriever 

Sadie enjoys treats, walks and playing with balls. She loves her family. 

Birthday – September 25th 2009

Jersey is very friendly, she loves to lick everyone.

Birthday - January 2000
Border Collie Cross

Maggie is very sweet and a bit camera shy

Birthday - March 7th 2010

Tito is very spoiled and a big suck, he is very friendly and once hiked all the way up to Lindeman lake!

Birthday – March 10th 2004

Harry loves to chase his ball around or play tug of war with his squeaky toy.

Birthday - July 2012 
Domestic Short Hair 

Maugrim was named after the head wolf in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. He is an adopted stray who is very, very snuggly. His purring skills were taught to him by Twix, a two year old male cat who has taken on the role of nurturing Maugrim and showing him the catty ropes of life.  


We seem to have no info on this little cutie - know anything to help us fill in the blanks? 

Birthday – Dec 2004

Tinkerbell is a very friendly, easy going dog.
She is not a barker and is very well loved!

Birthday – May 10th 2012

Perry is Destry’s brother (See further down), and comes all the way from Calgary. Perry is very curious and loves to watch The Littlest Hobo as well as Olympic Beach Volleyball.

Birthday - Sept 2002

Shadow was rescued from a neglectful situation, along with her sister, and has been a loyal friend and companion ever since


We seem to have no info on this little cutie - know anything to help us fill in the blanks?

Birthday – June 1st, 2012
Chocolate Lab

Jasper’s favourite toy, after getting multiple expensive different ones is an empty pop bottle!

Birthday – Nov 17th

Bella is a happy little dog who loves to play and lick children

Birthday – Sept 4th, 2011
Pitbull/Retriever mix

Raven is a very fun loving dog who enjoys swimming and playing. Raven joined his family after being adopted from the Humane Society in Bellingham

Birthday – Sept 23rd, 2012
Siberian Husky

Nooka loves the snow, long walks along the river, swimming and visiting friends at the dog park! She also enjoys a good biscuit now and again
(and again, and again)

Birthday – unknown
Staffordshire mix

Oakley is a rescue dog. He loves walks and belly rubs. Oakley is a quick learner and loves Vegan food!

Birthday – Dec 2nd, 2008
Chinese Crested Hairless

Luna comes with her owner pretty much everywhere. She is the best dog ever!

Birthday – Jan 4th

Tonka is 12 years old and enjoys doing agility courses

Birthday – March 28th
Bichon Frise

Oliver is 6 years old and slightly crazy

Birthday – July 8th, 2005
Bijon/Shih tzu/Poodle cross

Gracie is active, loving and super friendly to all

Birthday – May 29th, 2012
Mini Dachshund

Piper’s hobbies include giving hugs and kisses and playing with her big sister Shelby. Right now she’s learning how to “give 5” and not pee in the house.

Birthday – February 8th, 2012
English Bulldog

Arnold loves to cuddle and eat strawberries!


Birthday – August 2012

Chewbacca is terrified of everything and everyone but does like to chase kibble across the floor

Prince Lou
8 Months Old
Pom/Jack Russell

Prince Lou is a very loving dog. He loves kids.


Billie Holiday & Forrest Gump
Birthday – June 22nd & September 1st
Boxer & Lab

Wonder, fun and friendly!

Birthday – February 4 2008
Mini Schnauzer

Loyal, opinionated & full of energy! He loves his food, walks, and to cuddle with mom. He thinks he’s a great dane…

Dax (aka The Daxter)
Birthday – July 2 2010
Longhaired Daschund

I love cars, just like my dad! My favorite car is the super bird, but I love to go for long rides in my bronco up the mountain. I like to go for walks at the river and have a weakness for pretty Pomeranians. My mom bought me my very own lavender plant that I keep beside my bed.

8 weeks old!

Hatchi is shy, cuddly, and adorable.

Birthday – July 2 2000
Yorkshire Terrier (mostly)

Charlie is the sweetest boy, and the best kisser in the world!

Birthday – May 13 2011
Toy Yorkie

Teddy is very sweet natured and loves people. He will let you know if someone is on the property by barking. Teddy likes cats! Teddy is 13 pounds and the cat that he plays with is 22 pounds. Teddy loves his toys.

Rascal & Cuddles
Born in March

These are two cuddle bums! They are half brothers. The little on is 4 years old, and the large one is 3.

Birthday – April 7 2005
Cross Breed

Zoe is a great family dog. She is passive, gentle and loving.

Birthday – October 13
Australian Shepherd

Itska is best at herding in the direction of his food.

Birthday - February 11 2012
English Bulldog

Reese loves children and naps. She is four months old.


Daebony comes from Korea. He loves his little friend Siena.

We're missing Coco's Photo! If you are her owner, come by The Book Man and have a re-shoot so we can post the cuteness here!

Birthday - June 2009
Miniature Pomeranian

Coco is SPOILED! She needs her daily car ride to converse with her doggie friends.

Favourite book, The Hunger Games

Birthday - May 9th 2010

Cid likes to be called “Sir Chews A Lot”.

Birthday - March, 2012

Molly is playful and smart. She is a silly companion who loves playing with her sister, Cleo.

Birthday - March 14th 2010
Jack Russell/Shih Tzu

Cleo is a hyper, fun loving dog who likes to play with other dogs

Birthday - July, 2011

Goldie is a recent rescue. She gains confidence every day. Her favourite treat is going for walks with her new dog friends.

Birthday - April 4th 2004
Jack Russell Terrorist!

Kipper loves chasing tennis balls!

Birthday - September 2010
Netherland Dwarf Bunny

Rupert loves hardcover books, especially Peter Rabbit.

Birthday - December 21st 2003

Fritz was paralyzed from the waist down as a three year old, but is now completely healed. He’s healthy, loves to play, jump, and go for long walks. He’s like a puppy again.

Birthday - October

Dino is a rescue from the States. She loves children and believes she is much larger than she really is. She has no fear!

Lab/Golden Cross

Zyra was adopted from Big Heart Rescue.

Birthday - September 12th 2010
Carlin Pinsch

Smeagle loves to run and play and make new friends. He was born in Chilliwack and lives in Abbotsford. And yes, sometimes he is a Gollum!

Little Rosie Oz
Birthday - July 2nd 2010
Tea Cup Yorkie

Rosie is warm, loving and affectionate. She likes to play ball, and has a very quiet nature. She’s a real social butterfly! She likes walks, ice cream, and meeting new people… but she is unsure of cats, babies, and yuppies.

Maggie Mae
Birthday - March 15th 2011

Maggie is just over a year old. She was rescued from a puppy mill in California. She loves kids, cats and treats!

September 6th 2005
Birthday - Chihuahua

We have had Flower since she was 6 weeks old. She is a real DIVA dog. VERY picky. Flower likes chicken, children, cats and her family. Her nickname is Chubby Chihuahua.

Birthday - February 28th 2005

Wendi is a rescue dog from Las Vagas. She is still very shy, but is getting used to being loved in her new home. Her favourite things are snuggles and people food. Her nickname is Mingo, since she often stands with her front paw tucked up.

Birthday - Adopted on January 5th 2012

Sadie is very girly and loves attention. She loves treats, belly rubs, and playing with her new people.

We're missing Maisey's Photo! If you are her owner, come by The Book Man and have a re-shoot so we can post her cuteness here!

Birthday - October 25th 2008

Maisey is very friendly, smart and loves her toys and games. She also loves going to the park. She has many friends, human and animal.

Birthday - March 14th 2008
American Cocker Spaniel

Charlie is a rescue dog from a bad home. He’s a beautiful guy!

Rex & Bailey
Birthday - February 1, 2008 & July 4, 2009.
Dachshund & Dachshund/Chihuahua.

Rex loves hikes and long walks on the beach.
Rex’s favorite food is Pepperoni. Bailey loves beach hikes and bananas. She also enjoys chasing birds and howling at ambulances.


Trixie & Buster
Sheltie Corgi Cross & Shi Tzu Beagle Cross

Trixie is 14-years-old. She is a food-hound. Trixie also loves naps, going for walks, and her momma. Curling up with her while she's reading a good book is her favorite thing to do. Buster is 12 and can also be found in the dictionary under 'C' for 'cuddle-bug'. No lap is safe when he's around. And if there is a squeaky toy to be found he will find it!

Birthday - January 28, 2003
Border Collie Mix

Sobey is a great cuddler, she enjoys going for walks and being the center of attention. Her favorite foods include bones, melons and peanut butter.


Chenno loves to play and run around.


Mimzy loves to run around, play.... and photobomb pictures of Chenno!

Mixed Breed
Born November 8th

Moxie is very friendly, love to play
and sometimes is lazy.

Mixed Breed

Sniper was abandoned at Tim Hortons in Hope, and later brought to the Sniperz Paint Ball Alley by the people who saved her. Her owners got her there, hence the name!

Mini Dachsund

Macy loves to play fetch, "find it" and tag with her best friends Cam and Justina. She is a wonderful, quite smart little dog who is very spoiled and very loved.

Toy Poodle
Born December 4th, 2010

Theo is a complete sweetheart. He aspires to come back to B.C. after his exile out East, frolic in Vancouver, and woo the ladies.

Labra Doodle
Born February 14th, 2007

He is very sociable, visits people in the hospital, likes going to the bank and post office because there is a treat for him. He's the unofficial greeter at dance class, a fussy eater, and loves to snuggle. He thinks he's a small dog!

Birthday - March

Millie was a rescue dog from Merrit. She makes cooing noises when she is happy. She also makes friends fast, and loves cars and trucks.


Born August 15th, 2004

Peaches is a warm, friendly dog who loves people and is gentle with her owner's grandchildren. Peaches gets along well with her owner's cat Cougar. She is the ultimate lap dog; if a lap is available, she'll find it.

Jack Russell Terrier
Born October 5th, 2011

Jack is a lovely pup who loves to play but is very quiet and laid back. Jack is for sale! 604-798-4704 if you're interested (as of February, 2012).

Tonka & Gonzo
Born January 6th & December 15th

Lots of energy! They are curious about everything. They have manners for the most part, except when they are excited. They LOVE coming to The Book Man

Miniature Poodle
Born August 4th, 2011

Reggie loves to hike and run around! :)

Labrador Retriever
Born October 22, 2006

Don't let the purple collar fool you, Bruce is
all man
! His favorite author is Jack London from whom he has learned many lessons in courage!

Cocker Spaniel
Born November 8th, 2010

Diamond is an agility dog. He also goes on the Saturday dog walks. His owner's daughter dresses him up all the time.

5 years old

A visitor at our Abbotsford store. She was here with her sweetie, Duke.

Shih Tzu King
8 Months old

Rascal was a visitor at our Abbotsford store. It was his first time meeting a cat. He was very excited.


RIP sweet Elwood. 
This was one of Elwood's last visits to The Book Man.  He's recently gone to doggie heaven, where we're sure he's still playing a mean harmonica, fetching sticks, and loving his owner from afar.  We miss you buddy!

Golden Retriever
Born October 30th

Although Cyrus is 12 years old, people at the park always mistake him for a puppy. His secret to being youthful is long walks on the trails every day and a love of red wine. But no greater love hath a golden retriever than that of FOOD. Any kind, all the time.

Born August, 2010

He loves to go visit the kids at Central Elementary, and go for walks.

Shih Tzu Maltese Cross

A visitor at our Abbotsford store! Duke was visiting with his girlfriend, Lola.

Jack Russell
Born December 14, 2008

Good Swimmer! Bruiser can get into the truck witht the tailgate up! Impressive!

May ling
Pom-Chi (Pomeranian Chichuahua)
Born in 2002

She loves to walk and run, and loves attention. She is 9.5 years old and very loveable. She gets very excited and very curious.

Lab/Pitbull Cross
Born September, 2011

We have no bio on Bruiser, but we can say with certainty that he's a very handsome l'il mister!

Mastiff X

Born May, 2010

He's a big jock. Loves to run and chase. Dislikes car rides and baths.

Giant Schnauzer
Born December 1st, 2003

The biggest couch potato ever! He'd rather snuggle down with a good book.

Shepherd X
Born March 13, 2008

Kota loves to go for walks and have my grandchildren come over so she can lick their faces. Of course they tell her, "Off, Kota!" and sometimes she listens.

Jose & Tortilla
Born June, 2000

"My wonderful dogs remind me of how God can be pleased with me, even if I'm not 100% obedient to Him, because I'm not only pleased with them, but I am delighted with them. They are wonderful!" - Lorrane

Born July 1st, 2004

Thinks he's much bigger than he actually is, and has to have his way.


Born May 5th, 2006

She loves riding the golf cart and running around the course.

Schnauzer Terrier
Born September, 2010


Born June 9th, 2010

She loves being the center of attention. She is extremely friendly and loves cuddling with you on rainy days.

Red Heeler
8 or 9 Years Old

Rambo is a good companion. Fun to play ball and frisbee with, as well as go for walks with.

Poodle Mutt

Marty spends a lot of time outdoors by the river, and is friendly with cats and chickens.  A little camera shy, this little guy was reluctant to have his portrait taken, but was SO sweet about it in the end.

Born Jan. 4th, 2007

Tank was adopted in November of 2010. He loves life... and hates cats!!

Jack & Orca
Great Pyrenese & Shih Tzu/Chin

Jack (Great Pyrenese) is happy and friendly and Orca (Shih Tzu/Chin) is the boss!  They are pack brothers!


Ginger can run very fast!  She loves her toys, especially squeaky ones.  She does not love cold weather, but loves kids and getting attention, and is always happy.

Born August, 2011

Bella has a wonderful personality. She is very friendly and loves to lick people's noses. Bella has a million toys, but she would rather steal toilet paper tubes and chew on those.

She doesn't like TV, it scares her.
(You're not alone in this, Bella!!!)

Lab/German Sherphard
Born New Year, 2011

Loves to take long hikes in the wilderness. 
Loves to play!

Bloodhound/Coonhound Cross
Born March 31, 2011

Leroy is a happy puppy, who lives in Mission. He is nose and food driven - very friendly to everyone.

Minature Pincher
Born June 4, 2011

Loves to play with his best friend Lily and cuddle with his owner, Ty.He is sweet and loveable and happy to meet new friends.

West Highland Terrier
Born May 2, 2011

Maisie is super friendly, and loves to dig and play outside. She has a very high self-esteem and expects everyone to love her at first sight!

Born December 5th, 2010

Grover loves fruit and veggies. He also loves his brother Reezo (the cat).

(Beautiful Victory)
Shiba Inu
Born May 24, 2011

Seen here fast asleep, Katsume is from Sunojo Shibas on Vancouver Island.  Her "parents" own Eagles Wings Book & Gift Shoppe in Ft. St. John, and their kennel name will be Shoota (Show-ta) Taka Kennels "Soaring Eagle"  She is from a line of amazing champions, especially her father "Dash" and "Bob"  Her family has been dreaming of having one of these amazing dogs, and are so happy!

Basset Hound
1 1/2 Years Old

Max is a sweet and loving dog.

He loves to play and SMELL!

May 12, 2011

A cute little cat born in the Kootenay's.  Loves the car and walks, along with the people he meets.

Charlie Brown
Maltese / Havanese
Born March 14, 2011

Charlie knows all about books, and typically reads two to three a week.  He's also very fond of doing laps around the bookstore.  He has recently mastered the finer points of "sit" and "down" and is an absolute sweetheart!  Charlie was our first ever Abbotsford Canine Companion!

February 8, 2008

A bit of a scaredy cat, Cooper follows his brother Ohgrr everywhere. He loves going out for ice cream, beaing chewed on by his bro, getting brushed, and receiving hugs from his mum!

February 8, 2008

Big and personable, Ohgrr is a star wherever he goes.  He loves meeting new people, other dogs and going to MacDonald's for ice cream.  His favourite pastime is chewing on his brother Cooper.


July 10, 1993

Toni celebrated his birthday with us at The Book Man yesterday (June 10, 2011)!  Toni is 8 years old and lives with Patch.  Her other friend is Daisy Mae and when my neighbour has puppies, I love to mother them.  Her neighbour, and boyfriend, is D.J.

West Highland White Terrier
November 2, 2003

Piper loves kitty cats, and has a big crush on our store cat, Nietzsche.

Lhasa Apso
Birthday Unknown

Jack was found as "a wanderer" and was adopted by his new family.



Daisy Mae
Jack Russell
April 8, 2011

Daisy Mae is Patch's sister, who is also on the website.  She is 13 weeks old and loves playing with her big brother, and Toni.


Jack Russell Terrier
April, 2003

Snoopie is very friendly and active.  She chases squirrels and rabbits in the forest where we live.  She is very affectionate.

Shih Tzu
January 11, 2000

The Shih Tzu are Chinese Royal Dogs.  Keeto is a Japanese name.  He loves to sit on laps, and is a real people dog.  His nickname is "Imperial Grand Poo-Bah of Possession Bay Highlands" which is descriptive of his personality.  A real lover.

February 2001

Zephyen is a robust red, black tipped tweenie.  They ove their chest rubbed, kisses, walks and barking at whatever they think mom should know about.

(To Zephyen's owner - the picture didn't come out quite clearly.  If you'd like a reshoot, let us know next time you're in!)

Cherish Angelica
Dapple Mini Dacshund
October 28, 2010

Cherish loves Zephyen & mom, riding in the car, playing, kissing, cuddling, and sitting on Zephy's head.  Kind of skittish of new people and places, but is getting better, though Cherish doesn't bark too much!

Teddy Bear
August 23

Teddy Bear is a real charmer.  He loves to go for walks, is really soft and gentle, and is not what you'd call a complicated guy.

Shih Tzu
May 5, 2011

Murphy came from Ontario, has flown to Edmonton and driven to Chilliwack all within seven weeks.  Murphy's name comes from his owner's father who recently passed away, and was purchased with part of their inheritance.

Husky & Australian Shepherd
June 4, 2010

Honey is very happy, and loves to be around other dogs and people.  She also loves eating!

April, 2008

Max isn't the smartest, or the prettiest, but he's the nicest dog you'll ever meet.  Max loves socks, and his best friend Honey (seen here to the left)

Min Pin
Born February 27, 2011

Lily loves cuddles and playing with kids.  She LOVES to chase kitties!

Born November 11, 2010

Lexi has a unique personality. She LOVES to chase feet - it's her favourite thing to do! What a little cutie too, eh?


Catahoula Hound
Born March 2008

Bran is my helper on the farm. He trees cougars and keeps the chickens safe. Right now he is trying to get used to being in the city where none of the cats way to play to go up the tree

Standard Poodle
Born June 7th

Ice is a retired show dog who is co-owned, and a part of our family now.  We are so glad to have such a handsome man!

Shepherd X
Born August, 2004

Salish's favourite treat is chicken.  Salish adores walks at the river but does NOT like firecrackers.





Kanga(Roo)'s parents - we need to take another photo, yours has gone missing!

Min Pin
Born November 5, 2010

Kanga was 1 or 9 and the runt of the litter.  She has one bum leg that she was born with.  She has been with her current family for about 2 months, and she is the best dog.  She is also quite the cutie!  She loves to play with her family's rottie & our two cats, and is definitely at girlie-girl.

Short Leg Jack & Pom
Born December 22, 2010

"I love Stevie, she is a doll!" says her owner, who also owns Stevie's dad, Shiraz (who we hope she'll bring in soon!)

Ditch Dog
Born June 2009

Spike was found in a ditch outside of Quesnel.  He is a smart busy-body who charms many people with his smile and personality.  His favourite activities are going for rides in Grandpa's truck and swimming, even though he isn't too good at it.  He even looks like Snoopy's brother, (from Peanuts) Spike, who lives in the desert.

Born January 20th, 2011

Brutus is a fun and loving puppy.  He can be a bit shy, but loves to play.  He likes to play "keepaway" with Brian (shown a few frames below) and Hera.  He also loves car rides and walks.

Born January 7, 2011

Kismit's owners have had him for less than a week (as of April 29, 2011) and have found that he is very well behaved.  He follows "his kid" around like a shaow.  Jack the cat chases and plays with Kismit while the owner and her son watch and laugh.  Kismit in turn chases the cat.  In less than a week, Kismit melted right into his new family.


Purebred Mini Australian
Born April 8, 2010

Very social, and an amazing friend.  Nismo loves laying flat out on the ground, is very smart and favours the dog park and car rides.

Shiba Inu
Born December 7, 2011

Geisha is a "Pain Assistance" Service Dog.  She's a retired show champion who now works for her owner, helping her to know when to stop, when to rest, and when to take her medication.

Pit Bull

This little baby belongs to our staff member Sara.  He came in to meet everyone at the bookstore for the first time, including Nietzsche, our bookstore cat (it went well!)  Growing in leaps and bounds, this little boy is Lexie's baby (Lexie is shown a few rows down)

Silver Mitt Ferret
Born August 15, 2010

Stewart likes to chase our cat and escapes his halter and carrier.  He also like to push his face into the cat's water bowl at home.

Born January 29, 2002

Morley likes wilderness walks, chew toys with milkbones inside, swimming in rivers and hunting packrates.  For relaxation he settles down with his huge stuffed Easter Bunny and sucks it noisily.

Jack Russell Terrorist!
Born July 15, 2010

Patches is a real fan of big dogs.  His best friend is Silver, who is part Husky & part wolf.  He lives with Toni, she is a PBGV. 

He loves books, but as of yet, cannot eat a full one.

Bosco, Abby & Kodi
Long Coat Chihuahuas & Alaskan Malamute

Bosco is so loving, and cannot go without giving kisses.... to EVERYONE he meets.  Abby is so loving and sweet.  She would give anything just to cuddle on your lap while you read a book.  Kodi was rescued on Valentine's Day of 2011 from poor conditions, and is now the proud puppy of two little boys!  He loves the snow, and loves to eat!

Great Dane/Mastiff
Born November 15, 2010

Titan loves outher four legged friends, cats & also loves sleeping.

American Pitbull Terrier
Born on November 1, 2010

This little cutie-patootie visited us on Feb/2011) and is such a sweet puppy.  Brian is a fun loving dog; he loves to run around and play with his toys, and to chase his K9 friend Hera around the house.  Brian also loves to cuddle up to one of us and sleep.  His favourite treat is a bullystick - he will lie down for hours just chewing on it.


We have a special guest on our page!  Nietzsche was happy to see another cat in the store.

Vincent is one psycho cat!  He loves drinking from the toilet, beating up other cats, and snuggling with humans.  Surprising, he likes taking care of baby kittens.


Born October of 2000, Sandwich loves exploring and belly rubs.  He has a pet cat named Iris and loves to tell stories (it's true - he "talked" to us the whole time he was here)  He loves Milkbones and is quite sociable.

Red Heeler

Born on July 16, 2010 Pasha is a very social dog!  She loves to play with other dogs, preferably wrestling.  Her favourite food is peanute butter, and she is definitely a people person kind of canine!


Misty is very emotional, but has a strong spirit.  Born on July 16, 2006, she loves her long walks and runs at the river.  Her favourite foods are cheese & pepperoni.  Her other hobby is sleeping on her mom's bed!


Bella loves her ball and all other dogs.  She's a really good hiker, and has been to to the top of most Chilliwack area mountains.  Bella was born on May 13, 2007.

Tina Star
German Shepherd

Born on July 4, 2007, Tina Star loves walks, chasing eagles and squirrels!  Fish is her favourite treat.  She is very friendly & social, and even has her own email account!  Send her an email at

Treeing Walker Coonhound

Gracie loves long days relaxing on the sofa, running off leash, and chasing animals.  Born on July 23, 2007, this lovely lady was a welcome visitor at The Book Man! 

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Born in July of 2006, Strider loves to eat cookies.  He's an Albertan dogs who hibernates in the winter, and trout fishes in the summer.  Meet his "big brother" Raja as well (shown in the next frame over)


Raja's hobbies include avoiding his "little brother" Strider (shown in the frame next to this one)  and being a cookie monster.  Raja runs a snowboarding shop, which we think is pretty cool.


Born in April of 2006, Dahliah loves to be pet on the belly.  She snorts like a pig when she is happy, and loves sleeping with her best friend... her owner!

Alaskan Malamute

Kuma was born on November 4th, 2009.  She is a high energy, people loving dog who loves walks, runs and playing in the snow.  All she really wants in life is a nice belly rub and some love.  Her name "Kuma" means bear; she is a gentle giant.


Destry is very, very affectionate, and cuddly towards everyone... well, maybe not so much with squirrels, possums, rats & one particular blue jay.  One of Destry's favourite things is to be buried under quilts and blankets!

Yorkshire Terrier

Born March 10, 2009, Harry has been travelling on a motorcycle since he was three months old!  He loves people, and his favourite treat is cheese.

Pomeranian/Yorkshire Terrier X

Amber is a recent rescue from a puppy mill by a Better Life Dog Resuce.  She was in a foster home as of December, 2010 until someone adopts her.  She's gentle, loving, but needs an adult only home to call hers forever.


Mandie celebrates her birthday in April, and is a lovable, smart, sensitive and wonderful friend!  She prefers her rope toy above all others, and adores 'Beggin Strips' treats. 

Minature Pinscher

Phoebe was born in 2003 on December 24th. She "loves cats" and going for walks. She's a good little guard dog who lets you know when people are at the door. She's very friendly and love people! Although..... cats are her favorite!

German Shepherd

Tiberius was born on August 18th. He's a very friendly white shepherd who is training to be an assistance dog. His brother Cronus is 2 1/2, and Ti is learning very fast on how to be a trained companion from his older brother. He eats. And eats.. And eats... It's breathtaking....

Golden Labrador

Lucie was born in 2002 on July 24th, and loves attention.  She also likes being read to!


Druid was born on January 11, and is quiet and sweet. Druid sometimes gets ignored when the "other one" is around grabbing all the attention!

Maltese Shitzu X

Born on Feburary 17, 2003, Oreo is one of this family's three dogs.  She is curious, loves walking, car trips & visits to her owner's friend in the hospital.  She is loving, loyal and cuddly.

Mr. Lee
Mini Schnauzer

A very talkative character, Mr. Lee was born on July 2009.  He loves walks, and although he hasn't learned to read yet, he loves The Book Man.  He loves BC salmon as well, and has no problem keeping himself busy!

Mastiff X

Born on February 17, 1990 Ben appreciates the simple things in life... namely food, and sleeping!


Details to follow, this lovely girl belongs to our staff member Sara & her partner Andrew.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Born March 23, 2005, smile at her, and she'll be your friend forever.

Italian Mastiff & American Bulldog

Born on July 5, 2005, Koko loves belly rubs and going for walks.. then falling fast asleep (and snoring).  Koko is very sociable, and likes to relax at Starbucks.  Her favourite toy is a stuffed warthog.

Jack Russell

Born on July 24, 2008, Archer is a little guy who thinks big!  He is well socialized and travels all over with his human.  He has a mind of his own and will do it later if inconvenient now.  He can be very focused.  His favourite animal is the cat, especially the one at The Book Man (Nietzsche).

Darby & Finnegan

Darby & Finnegan joined the world on October 16, 2007.  The boys love to go for walks and play at the dog park.  They love broccoli and watermelon, and anything else they can "cute" out.  Finnegan loves to play in the snow, but Darby is really a cat in disguise.

Golden Retriever

Born on April 22, 2009, Rosie loves to swim, chase birds, and play with her friends Bruce, Dudley, Teddy & Molly!


Born in 2000, Rosita is a little camera shy, but is very happy to be around people.  She goes to work with her human companions ever day, and is voted Employee of the Month!  A small package, but the best dog ever.


Chico, who was born on March 22, 2006, spent the first three and a half years of his life unwanted, and living in a crate.  He was rescued from that environment, and now lives with a 70lb Leonberger!

Toy Pomeranian

Kenya was born on July 1, 2004.  She came to live in her forever home when she was 1 1/2 years old after being abused and living in a kennel.  She overcame her fears and passed her certification as a therapy dog.  She brings smiles and cheer everywhere she goes, but most of all when she visits seniors and patients.  She spreads joy, one paw at a time!

Maltese, Poodle & Shih Tzu

Born on November 3, 2008, Jude is a high-class mutt.  He has been on tour with rock musicians; his friends include cats, dogs & people all around BC; he loves the crabapples that fill his yard.  He came very close to being named "Happy" just because he is such a cheerful guy.


Shitzu Toypoodle

Madison joined the world on February 14, 2002.  "Maddy" enjoys walking and playing with friends.  He enjoys spending time with his family, as long as it doesn't involve a bath!  Maddy's best friend is our cat, Cali.  Maddy is a wonderful member of our family (The Browns)


Born in October of 2009, Cherry is very friendly.  She likes people and animals but she loves children.  She also likes walkies so we powerwalk for an hour every day, plus two shorter walks.



This little cutie was born in April of 2004.  She is a guard dog, but once she knows you,
she'll love you!

Red Heeler
(Australian Cattle Dog)

Born in August 2001, Jasper loves to chase, cats, squirrels, bears and coyotes (all in the same day!)  His idea of a perfect day is a hike with one of his buddies, a nice meal followed by a long nap  Hates mountain biking, wind and elevators.

Standard Golden Doodle

Born in September of 2007, Maple is nicknamed "Trouble Bear."  He loves to play with blankets and socks, as well as swimming and driving.  One of his special talents is that he can fetch sticks that are bigger than him!  He can jump really high, and is very cuddly and loving; especially with kids.


Born in July of 2005, 3/4 Timberwolf (in his dreams!), in reality, he is a purebred poodle. Gentle, sweet & loving, he is the main character in a book which is still being written called "Bedtime Stories for Dogs"

Mystery Dog
French Poodle

This friendly fella came to visit us in 2009. He was wagging his tail, and Nietzsche was sitting up on a chair batting at it as it swayed back and forth. We watched them interact throughout the day.

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