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Store Cats

Let us have the pleasure of introducing you to our two bookstore cats, Nietzsche & Gatsby.  Furry, sweet, and affectionate, both of our boys take pride in providing love to visitors at both of our branches.  Scroll down to the bottom to learn about Gatsby, but Nietzsche would like to point out that he was our first bookstore cat, and should be appreciated first by all website visitors!  You can like both Gatsby & Nietzsche on their own facebook pages as well, because they're tech savvy like that.


Nietzsche - Store Cat, Chilliwack

Mellow and up for pets at ANY time of the day, our beautiful furry boy was adopted from a local animal shelter, Safe Haven, in May of 2008.  His name was decided on by vote by the store staff.

He is, without a doubt, the perfect bookstore cat. He isn't phased by anything, and loves children. He loves his routine, waiting patiently for us to brush him after his breakfast every morning, and is most annoyed if we ever stray from it.  You'll likely see him waiting to see who is coming through the door, sleeping on the front counter in everyone's way, or curled up in a chair in the front window.

Bring him a treat or a toy! Come give him a pet! Or, wait for him to come and sit on the book that you're trying to look at until you pet him. What can we say? He's a man who knows what he wants.  He loves strollers, so don't be alarmed if  he follows you around like a dog begging for a ride.


Click to "Like" Nietzsche on facebook,
and keep apprised of his daily goings on.


Guy Time!

Dave & Nietzsche man the front counter together!


Marion Rose captures a beautiful shot of Nietzsche.

Our Furry Friend

Another wonderful shot by Marion Rose.

Snoozing Away the Days

Local artist Marion Rose took some great pictures of Nietzsche in preparation for her calendar artwork.

Sun Dappled Sleep

Another beautiful picture by Marion Rose.

Nietzsche's Handsome Profile

Marion Rose captures another beautiful angle of our store cat.

"Thanks for the box!"

Nietzsche always approves when we finish putting away a box of books by promptly jumping in and going to sleep.

"Can I help youzzzzzzzzz?

While not particularly good on the till, Nietzsche likes to man the front counter... or rather, cat the front counter.

Can you spot the kitty?

Nietzsche catches some Z's in the front window, causing mass hysteria on the streets about his insane cuteness.  We agree!


This is Nietzsche's favourite pastime.

"Huh?  What?  Where?"

You may be lucky enough to wake him up, but enjoy it while it lasts!

"Anyways..... zzzzzzz"

Like I was saying... enjoy it while it lasts!

Em takes the cat for yet ANOTHER spin.

"I was SO set up!"

Okay, so WE stuck the teddy bear there... but seriously?  AWWWWW!


Nietzsche loves his chair rides!  STRANGE!

"Handsome Man!"

Sarah Sovereign
captures our little man in
all his glory.

"Handsome Man II!"

Sarah Sovereign
gets another great shot
of Nietzsche.

"Last photo, lady."

Sarah gets in one last shot before the star is done for the night.

"What are you?"

He was more curious about this visiting dog than anything else.  Fear?  No fear here!

"Take me for a ride!"

Any given opportunity for a ride is swiftly taken advantage of by our dear furry Nietzsche.

"I'll help you with that."

While we organize and shuffle books, Nietzsche enjoys the temporary sitting space.

Gatsby - Store Cat, Abbotsford

Gatsby had a rough start to life, and lived on the streets of Abbotsford for some time before making his way to Safe Haven Animal Shelter.  He was set aside as being the perfect bookstore cat for us months before we opened our Abbotsford branch, and joined us in July of 2011.  After a couple of weeks of being quite nervous of every noise he heard, Gatsby began to realized that he had hit the jackpot in his new role.

Much chattier than his Chilliwack counterpart, Gatsby races around the store in the morning, walking along the tops of shelves "yelling" at us from on high.  He is fond of wet food, and is the most affectionate cat most of us have ever met; if you neglect giving him a pet as he throws himself at your feet (we do mean THROWS, by the way) he will happilly jump up and sit on your books as you try to check out at the front counter.  He sleeps in the front window so much that we have taken to building displays around him. 

He is a positive delight, a most affectionate little man, and certainly is The Great Gatsby in our books, or as many of our customers like to call him, Gatsby the Catsby.

Click to "Like" Gatsby and keep apprised of his
wild antics around our Abbotsford branch of The Book Man!

At the Shelter

In his previous life at Safe Haven Animal Shelter, Gatsby went by the name Buddy.  Here he is, convincing us that he should be our new bookstore cat.

Working Hard

Gatsby is an expert at selling books. Cat books, that is. He sells them by sleeping on them.  Good job, Gatsby!


Say Cheese!

One of Gatsby's many important duties is have photo shoots with new Kids Club Members.  Here he is, congratulating Rebekah for a job well done!

What's Going On Out There?
Gatsby peers out into the bookstore for the very first time upon his arrival with some trepidation.  Fast forward to one week later, where he sleeps in the middle of the entranceway.

Giving Paws for Thought

Gatsby has a strenuous daily routine.  Here he is, working hard on his eighth nap of the day, and he's not even sweating; that's fitness for you!

It's a Bird... It's a Plane... It's GATSBY!

Master and commander of all that he surveys, Gatsby spends most mornings walking along the tops of the bookshelves yelling at us.

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