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Employment at The Book Man

All Positions are Currently Filled

.... but do not despair!  We accept applications at all time, and keep them on file for unanticipated openings.  We post all available positions on our Facebook group, as well as in this space.

Thank you for your interest in employment with The Book Man!

Book Lovers Unite!

Has the idea of working in a used bookstore always appealed to you?  Do you adore the idea of being surrounded by books, people who love them, and sharing your knowledge and love of the written word with them?  Do you get a strange thrill out of organizing and tidying, and genuinely like helping people? Or perhaps youre a booklover with these qualities who is also a typing whiz, loves data entry and has a knack for paying close attention to detail.

The Book Man is an award winning employer.  We believe in the simple truth that our bookstore could not exist in the way that it does without its amazing and dedicated staff.  As such, we come from a place of gratitude and generosity in our employment standards.

First off, lets tell you about some of the benefits, and at the end of the page, well give you some tips to get your resume noticed, and help you stand out, as well as provide you with an application form. 

While job openings are few and far between at The Book Man, we are always accepting applications. We always go through resumes that we have on file before posting a job as being available, so be sure to get yours in the stack!


Our extended medical plan for full-time employees includes massage, physiotherapy, acupuncture, naturopathy, global health insurance, and many other coveted and rare benefits.  Of course there are also the very important core benefits such as  prescription coverage (80%), Dental coverage (80%) and life insurance ($25,000)

The Book Man fans staff member, Amanda

Life Comes First

We support each of our employees dreams in different ways, individual to the needs of each of our staff members.  Staff members who participate in community theatre are given the time off that they need for performances.  Others prefer to live a dream of going to Europe for a month to travel; we allow you the time off, with job security waiting for you on your return.  You support our dreams, and we support yours - its a core value, and our employees say that they have never felt so supported and cared for at any other job.

Gym Memberships

Health is of the utmost importance to each human being, and fitness plays a big role in this!  To recognize peoples desires to stay healthy, we provide unlimited drop-ins at our local leisure centre for our staff members.  If you go to the gym more than three times a week, we will pay for a membership for you.

Books, books and more books!

Our store becomes your personal library.  Borrow what youd like to read, and return it when youre done!  Employees get 20% off of their purchases, and they can extend this discount to family and friends.  We also give work incentive bonuses in the form of cash trading credit so that you can keep up with your ever-growing pile of books that you want to buy (its a hazard of the job, what can we say!)


Theres something pretty amazing about coming into work and having a cake waiting for you - for no reason!  The Book Man loves pastries, cookies, and goodies in general (hence the gym memberships) so you can enjoy a steady stream of delicious treats to go with the neverending stream of tea and coffee that we also provide.  We also provide fruit, and purified water, and lovely herbal teas.

.... there are so many other benefits to working at The Book Man.  We give regular pay raises, foster a working environment infused with respect, caring and happiness, and lead with both our hearts and our minds in all aspects of management.


We have two areas of employment at The Book Man - Store Front & Internet Sales - with a total of four different job descriptions.

Store Front Position (Customer Service)

There are three different positions in our internet sales department

On-line Customer Service

Data Entry

Shipping Position

How to Apply

There are two ways to apply at The Book Man.  The first is to fill out our on-line form (bottom of page), and follow it up with your resume IMMEDIATELY by email to (in .doc format only).  The second is to send us a traditional cover letter and resume (details at the end of the page). Note: We look at your ability to correctly follow instructions and accuracy in your application as part of our pre interview process.

If you are opting for a more traditional method, there are some key questions that we need to know the answers to that should be addressed in your cover letter:

We would love to get to know you a little bit in your cover letter as well!  Think of things that make you unique, and keep in mind that we are looking for your more exceptional traits.  Our staff is filled with people with oustanding work ethics, personalities and outlooks on life; tell us what sets you apart in life!

Perhaps you could answer some of these questions in your cover letter:

Use the opportunity of your cover letter to be creative, and really give us a sense of who you are.  Weve had resumes that are bound into books, attached to handmade sock monkeys, self produced CDs, poems explaining why people would be perfect for the job, page long "raps", quotes from Dr. Seuss as opening lines, short stories.  Simpler things that have stood out include reference letters attached to the resume explaining why Ms. X would be PERFECT for the bookstore!!  Our managers name is Amber Short, so if you would like to use her name in your cover letter you can.

(Resume Tree, Job Application 2010)

Resumes can be emailed to us at  (please send them in .doc format) or sent to us at:

Attn:  Manager
The Book Man
45939 Wellington Avenue
Chilliwack, BC V2P 2C6

We are an equal rights employer.  It is a core value to accept and support each individual as just that, an individual.  We consider all applicants for all positions without regard to race, religion, creed, gender, national origin, age, disability or sexual orientation.