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Our furry friends can't wait to meet you!

We are pleased to introduce you to our two bookstore cats Gatsby and Beatrix, who are sweet and affectionate. All our cats take pride in providing love to visitors at both of our store locations.

Gatsby—Store Cat, Abbotsford

Gatsby had a rough start to life and lived on the streets of Abbotsford for some time before making his way to Safe Haven Animal Shelter. He was set aside as being the perfect bookstore cat for us months before we opened our Abbotsford branch and joined us in July of 2011.

After a couple of weeks of being quite nervous of every noise he heard, Gatsby began to realize that he had hit the jackpot in his new role.

Much chattier than his Chilliwack counterparts, Gatsby races around the store in the morning, walking along the tops of shelves, “yelling” at us from up high.

He is fond of wet food and is the most affectionate cat most of us have ever met; if you neglect to give him a pet as he throws himself at your feet (we do mean THROWS, by the way), he will happily jump up and sit on your books as you try to check out at the front counter.

He sleeps in the front window so much that we have taken to building displays around him.

He is a positive delight, a most affectionate little man, and certainly is The Great Gatsby in our books or, as many of our customers like to call him, Gatsby the Catsby.

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Beatrix—Store Cat, Chilliwack

Beatrix is our newest arrival! She had a rough life on the streets of Downtown Chilliwack until we found her in our back alley and, after searching for any owners, adopted her as our own in May of 2019! She is named after one of the greatest children’s authors of all time, Beatrix Potter, famous for The Tale of Peter Rabbit and others. Her name was chosen by our loyal Facebook fans. Beatrix was very nervous and skittish for the first few weeks of her life with us, but quickly warmed up to us. She loves her wet food, toys, and runs around the store every morning. We are glad that she ended up with us!

Nietzsche—Store Cat, Chilliwack—Deceased Feb 2021

Our beautiful furry boy was adopted from a local animal shelter, Safe Haven, in May of 2008.  His name was decided in a vote by the store staff.

He was, without a doubt, the perfect bookstore cat. He wasn’t fazed by anything and loves children. He loved his routine, waiting patiently for us to brush him after his breakfast every morning and was most annoyed if we ever stray from it.

You would likely see him waiting by the door, sleeping on the front counter in everyone’s way, or curled up in a chair in the front window.

Nietzsche lived a good, full life, and we miss our boy every day.

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