There are those of us who are deeply touched, and changed by what we read. Those of us who truly have a passion for reading, for literature and the gifts that it offers us. Our bursary honors students who are able to put this love, this passion and admiration into words.

Our award is open to all graduating students, at all levels of academic and personal achievement. Applicants must explain how books are important to them; how they have touched them, changed their lives, or opened their eyes. All forms of creative writing are encouraged, whether it be an essay, a story or a poem.

The Book Man offers this award in the form of a $200 gift certificate to our bookstore, and often we award “runners up” with gift certificates in smaller amounts to recognize their efforts. We began by offering this award at Chilliwack Senior, and have since broadened this award to include Sardis Secondary and G. W. Graham.  We are looking forward to including Abbotsford high schools in 2012.

Please click on their names below to read their award winning essays:

Danae Charlebois

Brittany Clough

Dessa Bayrock

Quynh-Huong (Maryann) Phan

Sydney Grouette

Alysha Klassen

Erik Hagar