Danae Charlebois

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EDUCATION PLANS:  BA – University of the Fraser Valley
STUDENT PROFILE:  SSS Drama Plays – Actor, Drama Stagehand, Spoekn Word Poetry Performances, Youth Leader, Dairy Farm Volunteer, Vacation Bible School – Guiding & Counselling, A Honors, Neighbours Volunteer.

Outside the womb
my mother would read to me,
balancing the book on the baby bump
where I was contained.
Her passion of reading
was poured over me,
nurturing as I grew,
Songs were a story,
picture books I touched
with sticky hands, I’d be
the happiest little toddler.
The first words I spoke was “the end”,
knowing a new adventure would begin in a new book.
Pages kiss my fingertips whilst
flipping through stories
that swirl around in my head;
making it seem like I was in them too.
Books healed my soul
ever since I could read on my own,
words that could fill
dreary silence,
soothe wounds from being picked on at school.
Characters from novels
were faithful friends,
never able to slip
through my fingers and leave me.

As a future English teacher,
I’ll help students understand,
there is always a place for them,
even if its by the bookshelf.
Unlimited dogeared hardcovers
will be at their reach,
silent reading time
will be full of whispering pages,
creating the path for creativity to flourish.
Old fables and fairy tales
create many memories,
that binded my childhood together.