Sydney Grouette

Sydney Grouette2017-04-14T20:00:23-07:00

My Leather-Bound Lover


I love the feeling of thumbing through your soft, limp pages.

Dog-eared; with their significance still unknown.


Underlines and dots mark up your heart and soul,

Notes in your margins give you your personality.


All the places you’ve been, all the people you’ve seen,

I wish I had seen it all with you.


You are now accompanying me on my journey.

Never the same sights, or thoughts, or feelings, or understanding.


Unbiased love of my life,

You never judge me or argue.


I’m always intrigued and hanging on your every word.

There is always so much more to you.


Who do you know?  Who have you met in passing?

Who was passed on meeting you?


Lonely and discarded,

Looked upon as worth less than worthless.


One-of-a-kind, your markings make you special.

I love you because you’re different.


Reading between your lines, around your edges, and in your crease:

The places where I find the most meaning.


Our love affair is brief,

I can’t keep you forever.


You are not meant to be tamed,

I pray you never settle in one place for too long.


It’s time for us both to find another,

You’ll always carry a piece of me with you.


You are a piece of me, I am a part of you,

You are my used book.