Meet Our Staff

Our unique, friendly, and intelligent staff truly make The Book Man what it is.  Read each person’s description of their staff picks to get a better idea of who they are!

Amber- Owner/Operator

Amber loves surprising and delicious literature. She has a penchant for disturbing and dystopian novels and meaningful self improvement books. Anything that makes her clutch her chest or reread paragraphs in horror or awe is a definite perk. She also has a secret guilty pleasure of British romance novels.

Dave- Book Buying

Amanda- Internet Sales

Sara- Chilliwack Storefront & Display Manager

Linda- Sales

Ashlyn- Sales

Ashlyn loves to read young adult fantasy and science fiction. She also loves fairy tales of all kinds, and many retellings are on her staff picks. She is fascinated by women of the past, and some historical fiction and biographies of women such as Queen Victoria are on her staff picks.  Some of the authors on her staff picks include Stephanie Garber, Marissa Meyer, and Jane Austen.

Margaret- Night Shelver

It is difficult to pin down what sort of book moves Margaret, and her staff picks are a reflection of that. A place full of surprises, you could go there for a beautifully illustrated kids book, an addictive YA read, some soul-crushingly realistic historical fiction, or maybe something a bit more classical. Margaret’s favourite books are East of Eden and The Ocean At The End of The Lane, but authors from Adichie to Keats to Ryga play in this corner of the store.

Jodi- Sales

Jodi loves thought provoking non-fiction: books that encourage us to pull back the curtain, dig deeper, and see from a new perspective. Whether it is Sociology, Philosophy, Biography or True Crime, she is fascinated by the scope of human experience, our capacity for connection and our understanding of the mind. Intensely inspiring, terrifying and strange, her favourites include books by Jon Ronson, Eve Ensler, Alain De Botton and Brene Brown.

Adam- Abbotsford Storefront Assistant Manager/Tech

Kimberly- Sales

Devon- Sales

Jessica – Abbotsford Storefront & Display Manager

Jessica enjoys a wide variety of genres, but especially loves fantasy, contemporary fiction, and classics. She loves in-depth character development and protagonists with a flaw or two. She’s always taking notes for her own writing, so she tries to read as widely as she can. Authors you will find on her staff picks include Patrick deWitt, Blake Crouch and N.K. Jemisin.

Jenny- Sales

Erin- Sales

Erin buys far more books than she reads (send help!). Her shelves house many nonfiction “brain books,” though she does love a thriller or a kooky short story. Her favourite authors include Margaret Atwood, Gabor Maté, and Bessel van der Kolk. Her cat plays fetch, and her bumper sticker reads “don’t honk if you’re introverted.”

Lauren- Sales

Carter – Data Entry

Tiffani- Sales

Aleena – Sales

Ashlee – Data Entry