You need room on your bookshelf… we need books.  It’s a match made in heaven!

Thank you for considering the trade or sale of your books to The Book Man!

We ARE accepting books for trading during the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

Some small changes:
1)  Please label each bag/box with your name and telephone number.
2)  Please expect a three day delay while your books are in quarantine
3)  We request permission to donate any/all books that we are unable to take to a local charitable organization, as all of our storage space is currently being used to quarantine collections and this minimizes back and forth.

Standard Policies:

We buy and trade books from the public and choose titles on a book-by-book basis.

We are extremely selective about the condition and only take books that are marketable and needed in our stock, as we always want to bring our clients the very best as we reinvent our stock with new inventory.

We almost always take back books that were originally purchased from us as long as they are still in sellable condition (ie – not smoke or water damaged, run over by a truck, etc.) The books must have our label on them for an automatic return.

How to Bring In Books

Simply bring your books into our store and leave them with one of our chipper staff members. We can usually look at small amounts of books immediately; lose yourself in the stacks and have a pleasurable browse, and we’ll work out credits or cash for any books that we are able to take.

Customers with larger amounts of books or those wishing to receive cash for their books must leave them for a qualified book buyer to look at.

It can take up to seven days for a book buyer to be able to look at your books in-store, although almost all collections will be looked at within 24 hours.

Due to limited storage space, we respectfully ask that you pick up any books that we do not take within 48 hours after we contact you.  Books that are not picked up within 48 hours will be donated to charity.


We pay 40% of our selling price in trading credit. Trading credit can be applied to up to 50% of each used book purchase. This will enable you to save significantly on the largest trading selection in the Lower Mainland.

We pay 20% of our selling price in cash. A qualified book buyer will provide you with an estimate for your consideration.


We also take a very select variety of magazines. We suggest calling ahead or bringing one of each magazine for us to look at to find out if we carry your magazines.

If we can use them, we offer 25¢ in cash or credit for each magazine. We accept Archie Comics in good condition and offer 25¢ for singles, 50¢ for doubles, or 2 for 1 trade. We are extremely selective when choosing vinyl from customers. We pay $1.00 for each album.


We do not have the staff to come to your house to do larger collections; however, you are always welcome to bring your books into the store, 3 boxes at a time!


Trading credit can only be applied to 50% of each used book purchase.  Trading credit has no cash value and therefore cannot be converted into cash or used to purchase gift certificates, under any circumstances.

Trading credit cannot be used to purchase new merchandise such as brand new books, t-shirts, and book bags.  Credits are kept in our active database for two years following your last transaction.

Trading policies are revised periodically, with our website always reflecting up-to-date policies at

New books and merchandise are exempt from trading credit.


We will evaluate and process your books within 7 days. We will apply the trading credit amount under your name on our computer, price and shelve the books that we have taken, contact you, and have your leftover books waiting for pickup within 48 hours of contact. The Book Man does not do appraisals, and once you have given your books to us, they are absorbed into our large collection of books and it is near-impossible to find them again.


You can trade your books at The Book Man at any time.  We suggest that you call ahead to ensure that our qualified book buyer is available to look at your books if you choose to sell them for cash.


*Covid-19 Update:  We can no longer store books, and donate anything that we are unable to take.  We will remove this note when we are going back to standard policies.

Unfortunately, we are not able to store leftover books for more than 48 hours due to fire code regulations, and limited storage space.

We will, however, lend you our sturdy cart, and whenever able, even give you a hand packing them back into your vehicle to take to a local charity.  We are a proud supporter of the Rotary Club of Chilliwack Fraser Valley.

Each week we donate a truckload of books to their drop off point to help them accumulate books for their yearly book sale and encourage our customers to do the same with any books that we are not able to take.

We have printed a small map to help you find their drop-off point, which is a five-minute drive from the bookstore.

For our Abbotsford clients, we recommend donating books to Hidden Treasures or MCC Thrift Stores, both of which are within a five to ten-minute drive from our location in The Little Oak Mall.